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Firstly, Cute As A Cupcake lives up to its name, with cupcakes that are just “too good to eat” but I still have to appeal! After sampling the cupcakes and being wowed by not only their taste but their attention to detail with perfectly crafted toppings, sparkles and colours for our corporate sampling I knew I had to have them make a cake, but not just any cake, one for the most Important lady in our family on her 80th , my nan! I was impressed with the efficiency whereby they listened to my request, copied from a picture the exact flowers I wanted draped over the 3d cake, bougainvillea, not even native to England, and then proceeded to replicated it with precision and flair. Thank you “Cute As A Cupcake” for adding the icing to a wonderful occasion!

Jada Johnson

Your cakes are superb, absolutely wicked lol... and they taste as good as they look!

Love Custard

Love Custard

Amazing, so happy with cakes on my birthday 30th. They looked incredible and the taste matched the presentation

Thank you so MUCH !!!

Diego Fernandez

Thank you for the most delectable sponge cake for my Sister's 40th the sponge was light and fluffy and the presentation was perfection as usual. You helped make her day perfect!!!

Thank you so much

Hawa Rahim

Big love to Cute as a Cupcake for supplying these truly delicious, customised buttercream cupcakes each and every time. The perfect gift for any birthday, launch party or celebration. Truly the cutest cupcakes in London, and quite possibly the world.


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